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Lorne Sivertson, B.A., M.A (Economics - Honours), has extensive national and international experience in the energy and resource sectors gained from his work in industry, investment banking, government, industry associations, consulting and Columbia Power Corporation.

President and CEO from its inception in 1994, Lorne Sivertson took Columbia Power from a "paper company" to become one of the largest power producers in British Columbia with 780 megawatts of run-of-river hydro capacity.

Under his management Columbia Power was awarded the International Hydropower Association 2005 Blue Planet Prize at the United Nations Conference of Parties on Climate Change for the environmental, social and economic contributions of the Arrow Lakes hydropower project. Columbia Power also won several national and international awards for project management and development.

Lorne Sivertson was a founding member of the Canadian Hydropower Association and continues to be a member of the Association.

Since its formation, Sivertson & Associates has worked for clients on major industrial and power project developments, asset sale transactions, project financings, power sales agreements, construction contracts as well as energy sector reports.

Sivertson & Associates was engaged by the Allied Hydro Council of British Columbia to prepare a submission, "Site C - Review", for the British Columbia Utilities Commission and to appear before the Commission to provide expert testimony in support of completion of the BC Hydro $9 billion, 1,100MW Site C power project. The completion of the project was approved in December 2017 and is underway.

In 2018 Lorne Sivertson was appointed to the BC Hydro Site C Project Assurance Board, charged with the responsibility of assisting BC Hydro to deliver the hydropower project on budget, on time, meeting regulatory and performance requirements.

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